SFL Match Schedule

Dates listed may change. Please visit your sfl Team Webpage to confirm the next match status, or wear your sfl prim in-world to confirm your next match. If you don't see your team for a specific match number, your team has a bye that match number.

Fixtures for Match #2019-12-30
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BCTigercat Resident vs. Acer Danitz
Dylan Mackenzie vs. KissMyPixelatedBum Resident
BarbaraOfMercy Resident vs. Carol1313 Greenwood
AlisonLynn Haystack vs. Lacey Latrell
LillyPaine Resident vs. GuitarDan Silversmith
KaliCat Kennedy vs. Angelina Maradona
LorraineOfMercy Resident vs. Marilynnn Munster
Kangaesook Resident vs. Donna Dagostino
poison Scribe vs. icy Zeplin
DjTeddyB Rockin vs. naughtyangel88 Resident
Alicia Czukor vs. LadyBug Bashly
Brenna Dover vs. Gun Tigerfish
Wrexial Resident vs. BillybobJoeJohnboy Deerhunter
Maankind Benelli vs. GJackie Winkler
ranae quinn vs. dazzleme2 Resident
Babes Luv vs. ItsfrancoisUba Resident
Windseeker Castaignede vs. SusieBloom Resident